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During the Baldurs Gate III Panel from Hell, it was announced that Baldurs Gate 3 is coming September 30th to Stadia and PC. This was a highly anticipated talk within the Stadia community and it did not let people down. We received a lot of interesting information from the talk and also received new trailers for the game.

When early access launches there will be 5 launch characters. These are: Astarion (Elf/Vampire Rogue), Gale (Human Wizard), Lae’zel (Githyanki Warrior), Shadowheart (Half-Elf Cleric) and Wyll (Human Warlock). There will also be a split-screen multiplayer but not at launch. There will also be cross-platform multiplayer but we are not sure if that will be there at Early Access Launch.

From the press release the size and scope of Baldurs Gate 3

“Swen Vincke, Creative Director of Larian Studios, also showcased the scope of Early Access, giving details on how the size of Baldur’s Gate 3’s first act compares to Larian’s previous release, Divinity: Original Sin 2, when it launched in Early Access. Here are a few numbers that will emphasise the depth of Baldur’s Gate 3 in comparison to Divinity: Original Sin 2:

Number of combat situations: 22 in DOS2 EA vs 80 in BG3 EA

Number of dialogue lines in English: 17.600 in DOS2 EA vs. 45.980 in BG3 EA

Number of characters: 142 in DOS2 EA vs. 596 in BG3 EA

Number of spells/actions: 69 in DOS2 EA vs. 146 in BG3 EA”

You can watch the full talk below.

By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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