Cloudy with a Chance of Games

Most of us who have Stadia Pro has also played Outcastsers. It a great game, for the whole family. But many have seen a little frustrated at how difficult it is to aim in the game. Well, most people use the stadia controller. But in this game, it is a lot easier to use a mouse and keyboard. You can set up your shots. How to do this easily.

You can point the mouse directly on the enemy and start shooting at the opponent. You will have more control over where you aim. You can also hold down the left mouse button over the enemy you want to hit. After you can drag out the mouse in what direction you want, to make a curve shot you want to send around the walls. You will easily see if it is possible or not from your position. Then if you can you release the left button on the mouse, and you will have the opportunity and give the enemy damage by a curved shot

Just to show how it works out with this video mouse and keyboard

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