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The team at Crystal Dynamics is putting a lot of thought into the accessibility options for Marvel’s Avengers. They have been in leading experts in the field like Cherry Thompson and have worked with Able Gamers. They also have a blog post explaining what steps they have made in regards to making the game more accessible.

The list of accessibility features for launch are : –



• Marvel’s Avengers features subtitles in 15 languages,
including – Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional &
Simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish (Iberian), and Spanish (LATAM).
• Subtitles are turned off by default, can be easily enabled via
the Display menu.
• Subtitle options include a presentation with white text, or one
that color codes to each character (ex: Hulk = Green).
Closed Captions: We’ve not only added closed captions for sound
effects but narrative tracks for descriptive play as well! When
subtitles are turned on, you will also see closed captions added to
cinematics by default.
• Please note, closed captions are only available for the singleplayer campaign at this time.
Our gameplay customization options include:
• Vibration: On/Off
• Multi-Tap Interact Style: Default/Hold/Tap – This feature
allows the adjustment of input requirements for interactions
that require rapid button presses to complete, such as QTEs.
Setting this option to HOLD changes the requirement to
holding down the button. Setting this option to TAP will autocomplete the interaction with only a single button press.
• Difficulty Options


Our Camera customization options include:
• Camera Sensitivity: Scaler (0-10) – Allows for the adjustment of camera
movement outside of aiming.
• Shake Sensitivity: Scaler (0-10) – Based on feedback received from the
Beta program a screen shake slider has been implemented into the game
for launch.
• Combat Camera Distance: Default, Wide, or Close – If the chaos of the
battlefield makes it difficult for you to concentrate on the tasks at hand,
adjusting the combat camera distance may help you focus.
• Y Axis Flight Direction: For inversion of flight controls
• X/Y Access Aim Sensitivity: Scaler (0-10) – Separate scalers that allow
for adjusting aim sensitivity on both the X and Y access.
• Target Lock: Manual/Off – This option adjusts the behavior of the
camera during combat. When enabled it will keep the camera focused on
the last target until the enemy is defeated, or until the camera is
manually aimed at another combatant.
• Targeting Assistance: Off, Light, Moderate, Heavy – This feature adjusts
the amount of assistance applied when aiming at targets.
• Combat Camera Recovery: Off, Light, Moderate, Heavy – This option
adjust the aggressiveness with which the camera returns to the default
position/orientation after manual adjustment during combat. If you’re
sensitive to sudden movements, this may help.


Marvel’s Avengers has fully remappable controls across PC and console,
allowing players to use input devices and control schemes that fit their
individual needs.


• Menu Cursor Sensitivity: Low, Default, or High – This feature allows you
to adjust the sensitivity of the cursor within menus.
• Text Chat: Currently we support Speech to Text and Text to Speech chat
on Xbox, and through the PlayStation 4 companion application PS4
Second Screen.


• Tactical Awareness: Triggering Tactical Awareness highlights points of
interest, guides you to your next objective, and highlights AI or co-op
companions. Hit this option if you ever need a reminder of where to go
• Auto-Equip Best Gear: If you are new to this style of game or find the gear
system a bit overwhelming and just want to get back to smashing, then hit
the “equip best gear” button. While you will forgo customizing buildouts
based on your favorite Gear perks or upgrades, you’ll still have a ton of fun

By Duncan Baxter

I have been playing since the Commodore 64 days and have basically played every console going since then including the Ouya! I have been a fan of cloud gaming since the Onlive days and that was my favorite platform. Cloud gaming will revolutionize how we play games going forward and it is just a matter of time when it takes off.

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  1. I bought the game a couple of days after it’s launch, but haven’t been able to enjoy the full gameplay yet. I have to aim in with one button then use a separate button, because I play using my mouth and can only do one button mostly at one time. Any news on when Toggle Aim is getting added.

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